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May 2, 2014 8:00pm PDT
. and his best friend has silly rabbit. as i call myself. >> : everything has its purpose and how russia could answer that question sometimes to keep on asking myself how do i the truth is that how and why doesn't matter anymore and it's something that needed to be brought to light i think sometimes were forced into situations and circumstances in which we have to choose to sit by. and everything and everyone is tested and mr. stirling has the intestinal. are you list all sterling. i love them. are you in love with. i i love him like a father figure. of them like a father figure. bell sterling is is is '80s your in your thirties and 31. in a beautiful young woman so not sure what i understand the relationship. of mr. stirling's personal assistant. white said on his right hand. on his wing man was there to understand. is in the doll sterling should apologize. absolutely. he discusses with them. willie apologize only god knows. >> : that interview lasted it has mostly is spoke openly about the man that she recorded saying the racist remarks she says sterling agreed to we recorded that much
Apr 25, 2014 8:00pm PDT
. >>> president obama hoping to put more pressure on russia today. the president's intentions to increase sanctions are taking the spotlight during his trip to asia. his week-long four-nation trip to asia is considered a balancing act. the focus has shifted from his global trade talks in japan to the south korean ferry disaster to the crisis in ukraine. russia's defense chief escalated tensions by ordering new military drills along the eastern border with ukraine. the president says further sanctions against russia are ready to go. >> we'll continue to keep some arrows in the event we see further deterioration of the situation over the next several days or weeks. >> the president's comments come as the ukrainian prime minister speaks out. the prime minister claims that moscow wants to start a world war iii and is determined to occupy his country militarily and politically. tonight, president obama heads to malaysia. >>> governor jerry brown issued a second executive order today to try to help battle california's drought. the latest order takes new steps to help fight wildfires and to assi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2